Rebecca Winsor – Osteopathy

I have been working at the Natural Health Clinic since 1985, after graduating from a four year full time course at the European school of Osteopathy. As well as working at this clinic, I was also an associate at a predominantly cranial osteopathic practice in Bath until I left to have my son in 2000. At this practice I had regular access to osteopathic mentoring and joint treatments on a wide range of complex cases.

I am a fully insured member of the osteopathic professional body, the General Osteopathic Council. I am also a member of, the British Osteopathic Association and the cranial osteopathic association, the Sutherland Society.

Continuing professional development

30 hours a year of continuing professional development is a requirement for being registered with the General Osteopathic Council, 15 hours of which is learning with others. I have continued to do postgraduate courses, on treatment of peripheral joints, paediatrics, obstetrics and visceral aspects of osteopathy. In 2004 I registered on the Sutherland Cranial College Pathway which provides excellent support and learning assessment and access to the latest developments in the cranial field.

My Treatments

I am interested in treating people with a wide range of conditions. As well as people with acute or chronic spinal problems, I also see babies and children, women through pregnancy, people with headaches and sinus problems and also some visceral conditions such as constipation, and chest and lung complaints.

I also use soft infra red laser therapy in addition to osteopathic treatment for conditions affecting peripheral joints such as knee ligament injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow etc.

I use a range of osteopathic techniques from the more gentle cranial techniques through soft tissue massage, ligamentous balancing and spinal manipulation. Key to the approach used, and the length and frequency of treatment required, are factors that come up in the case history. For example accidents that happened sometime ago, such as whiplash injuries or falls on the bottom that affected the coccyx or lower back, will affect the recovery of the tissues if the person goes on to have another injury in the related area. Whereas people who have had a recent injury with very little accident history will recover quite quickly.

I find giving simple home exercises very useful in some cases, to help people manage their condition, improve their body awareness and recover confidence after a chronic injury. I also look at postural habits that may be influencing their complaint. I do work with other practitioners at the clinic, particularly acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and massage therapists, either working alongside, or referring on if this seems necessary.

Clinic Times & Prices

Wednesday and Friday
8.45am- last appointment 5.30pm

£40.00 consultation + treatment
£36.00 follow up treatments.

£28 for follow ups


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