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Clare qualified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Body Massage in July 1994. She gained further qualifications in Reflexology, Professional Conduct and Business Awareness in September 2004.

Clare is on approved lists for working with adults with learning difficulties giving them Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology treatments. She has considerable experience in this area and due to this has a very calm, reassuring approach to her work as a holistic, complementary therapist.

She was formerly a part time lecturer for Soundwell College & is a member of the Embody CTA (Complementary Therapists Association).


Reflexology can be dated back to over 5000 years to the Chinese and later to the Egyptians. Eunice Inghan developed it further in the mid-to late 20th century.

clare-g2Reflexology is a “holistic” therapy in which the whole body can be treated on by working on the associated reflex areas on the feet and/or hands.

It is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic treatment and can help with many different ailments both physiological and psychological problems i.e. Headaches, PMT, Constipation, Muscular aces and pains, Sinusitis, Hay fever, IBS, Depression, Stress related conditions etc.

75% of disease and illness can be stress related. Reflexology is extremely relaxing and therefore a very good at combating stress.

This treatment does not diagnose but can be a useful aid in the healing process of the body. Reflexology encourages the body to repair itself naturally and seeks to put the body back into balance.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy can be dated back to over 3000 years when the Egyptians used the oils as part of their daily life. Mummies were preserved for thousands of years embalmed in essential oils.

Pure essential oils are plant hormones, which have many therapeutic properties. They are extremely concentrated and should never be used neat.

Each oil selected will be for your own personal needs.

They can be used to aid the following areas: digestive problems, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, backache, migraines and headaches, poor circulation, skin complaints, menstrual problems, stress, exhaustion, depression, irritability, deep anxiety, panic attacks etc.

The oils are diluted in carrier oil and massaged into the bloodstream. The oils can be stimulating, uplifting and calming on both mind and body.

Although it is necessary to remove some articles of clothing, complete discretion and modesty is maintained at all times. Towels are used to cover parts of the body not being massaged. Every attempt will be used to make you feel at ease, cosy and warm.

Aroma Facial

Stress can affect our skin in various ways, we can develop spots, frown lines, dark shadows under the eyes etc and our skin can take on a general dull appearance. Yet we very often forget to treat our face as we do the rest of the body.

Treatment starts with a deep cleanse of the skin. Next your skin will be gently exfoliated with a facial scrub. Then you will be treated to a thorough facial, neck and shoulder massage using pure essential oils to help release any tension. Next a face mask will be applied sealing in the therapeutic oils. After the mask is removed the skin will be toned and moisturised.

Please Note

The following conditions can be a contraindication to any of the above treatments:

Heart Problems, Epilepsy, Thrombosis, Diabetes, Cancer, Infectious/contagious conditions, Pregnancy (the first trimester).

A letter of consent from your GP may be needed before treatment is carried out if you have any of these conditions.

Initial treatments will include a brief history of your health, lifestyle and any problem areas. This is completely Confidential.

It may be recommended  that you have a course of 4 treatments to begin with.

Clinic Times & Prices

Sat  10.00am-2.00pm

1hr Aromatherapy Massage £35
1/2hr Aromatherapy Massage £21
1hr Reflexology treatment £35
Aroma Facial Treatment £35
Concessions available for block payments i.e. 4 sessions of treatments £125 (saving of £15)

Gift Vouchers are available for any of the above therapies.


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