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The Baby Hub

Welcome to the Baby Hub! For those of you who don’t know much about what we are offering we are committed to providing a space where parents can come any time they need support, warmth, nurture, clarity and understanding.

Whether it is classes to support the antenatal and postnatal period, or one to one sessions to support body and mind, or just a café space to hang out in, be fed and receive support, every Thursday this is on offer at the Health Hub.

In the New Year I am offering “themed lunch” events when mums (and dads/partners) are welcome to drop by and come and be part of the conversation focused on aspects of parenting. Theses events are free you just pay for your food or drink in the café then join us. The dates and themes for these lunches is as follows;

Thursday January 7th Coping with your baby crying

Thursday January Managing 2nd and 3rd children; managing sibling relationships

Thursday February 11th Family Relationships

All the other Thursdays I will be in the café 12.15 to 1.30 every week just to offer support, nurture and sign posting to other support if needs to.

Thursday 14th January we are offering a Nurturing Parents afternoon with a cosy lunchtime in the café followed by half hour sessions offered in reflexology, craniosacral therapy and massage, where baby is welcome alongside mum, or given the sessions are half an hour perhaps friends can come hold the baby in the café for half an hour whilst mum having treatment.

Becoming a new mum (or parent) is probably one of the most enormous life transitions anyone can go through. It affects your emotional, physical and spiritual well being and you might well feel stretched to your limits.

Vulnerability is most certainly going to be closer to the surface, as tiredness and stretched resources inhibit the opportunities to take time out. How do we hold steady at this time, allow the growth and trust that all is well and good, even if baby is crying and tempers are frayed? Don’t isolate yourself talk to others and you will probably find out that your mothering peers know exactly what you are speaking about. Sometimes the transition can also activate unresolved childhood stress and experience. Defences are down with exhaustion being common, so it is normal to feel that old vulnerabilities make themselves known. Try not to react to them, but accept the healing offered by the reappearance of old stories and old stuff. Sometimes just having a session to look at this and make connections, understand what is being triggered so that is does not feel so overwhelming.

I offer both counselling for new parents (one to one or couple counselling), birth trauma resolution and relationship support, whilst also helping mums to find their strength and liberation in their parenting, in one to one sessions at the hub.

I also offer craniosacral therapy for mums and babies, which can be great antenatally for supporting the pregnant body, but also postnatally for integrating the birth.

Call me on 07969204763 if you would like to find out anything more about the Baby Hub days or the sessions available.

Warm regards and wishing all new parents love and joy in their parenting,

Dominique Sakoilsky


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