About the Blog

The Natural Health Blog was created for the purpose of establishing an invaluable online resource of knowledge and expertise in the field of complementary medicine.

The Blog is affiliated with The Natural Health Clinic, the longest-established centre for complementary medicine in Bristol (UK), since 1981, offering an unrivalled range and depth of expertise, from the age-old skills of herbal medicine to the modern technology of laser therapy.

All the Blog’s Contributors are  practiitioners at The Natural Health Clinic, and are well-trained and qualified with considerable experience in their field. They are all members of professional bodies which administer their own Codes of Ethics, and are covered by full professional indemnity insurance. Many are also involved in teaching and research.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: If you are interested in publishing any of the articles from our Blog, please send us an email or phone us on [+44] (0)117 974 1199.


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