Knock, Knock! Is there Anyone at Home!! Coming Home to our Bodies

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We all visit practitioners both conventional and complementary in the hope that they can diagnose and remove our symptoms . Unexplained aches and pains, migraines, maybe digestive problems or perhaps something more serious. In our western culture we tend to regard our physical bodies as unknown territories that, like machines, can run down or stop functioning and so periodically need tweaking from the doctor-mechanic to get back on the road again. Yet there is an enormous  difference between being symptom free and coming back into relationship with ourselves. By the latter I mean the sense that we are actually existing, actually present within our physical bodies and feeling joyous about that experience. Perhaps the best way of describing this sense of safety and deep seated happiness is the tangible sense of being at home, being embodied.

Most of us, through various life events (shocks both serious and minor from birth onwards) and habit, live somewhere outside ourselves. Energetically we are in our heads distracted about the past or what we must do in the future. Only last week I was driving on a road and suddenly thought – gosh! How on earth did I get here ?  I don’t remember passing through X village.

For those who have our heads in the clouds physical treatments are wonderful. Massage and aromatherapy allow us to reconnect with our bodies through the experience of touch and smell. Shiatsu, which takes place on the ground and with the client fully clothed and so feels safe to start with, is an energetically deeper treatment. To  continue with the mechanical analogy, a Shiatsu session reconnects the wires (the meridians) so that symptoms can be helped at the same time as the body energies reintegrate in harmony and the engine purrs! Every part is working together and clients frequently report that they literally do sense they are back in their bodies. It is a good feeling.

John Upledger, one of the pioneers of Craniosacral therapy as we know it today distinguishes between “curing” by the doctor and “healing” which is up to the individual. Craniosacral also works with this healing aspect which is more than just “getting better”. There is a sense of greater coherence as knots in the fascial system unravel and we re-member ourselves as unique conscious physical beings on the journey of a lifetime!

A quiet time in meditation can help maintain this sensation of presence to ourselves. But we must never forget our earthly housing, our body. The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh is adamant about maintaining the connection to our physical selves:

When you breath in, you bring your mind home to your body. A lot of time, your mind is not with your body. But when they are together, you are truly in the here and the now for your transformation and healing. It is wonderful be present and your breath becomes the object of your mind and you can become a free person.


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