Meditation and Self-Acceptance

January 9, 2014 at 11:52 am Leave a comment

Perhaps the biggest discussion topic that comes up when I teach meditation, both to groups and individual clients, is that of self-acceptance. In order to enter into the stillness of our mind in meditation, we need to let go of any distracting thoughts, and this involves cultivating a non-judgemental attitude – towards our thoughts and our selves. As soon as we start to judge, we ‘fuel the fire’ of movement and agitation in our minds, which takes us further away from the mind’s natural stillness.

It is rare that I find someone who doesn’t have any issues around self-acceptance. Most of us have a number of things that we don’t like about ourselves, which serve as the basis for self-critical, negative thoughts and feelings – things like our appearance, our behaviour, our habits.

Try asking yourself right now, ‘What don’t I like about myself?’ You may come up with a list of things – you may find it helpful to write them down.

Our lack of self-acceptance makes us feel unhappy and angry. Also the critical, negative thoughts that we have about others stem from these critical, negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. Feeling unconditional love towards others begins with loving ourselves unconditionally.

In the natural stillness of our minds, there is no place for these judgemental thoughts. There is only love – pure and unconditional – and with that, comes complete acceptance of ourselves and others.

Sam May teaches meditation for health and wellbeing at The Natural Health Clinic. He has been teaching meditation since 1994. Sam also works as an acupuncturist and a health consultant for complementary and alternative medicine. For further information visit


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