The Power of a Positive Attitude

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By Clementine O’Shaughnessy, Dip.Couns, DHP, HPD, LHS, MBAC



A positive mental attitude enhances the immune system, improves heart efficiency, stimulates the nervous system, regenerates organs, enhances digestion, aids the colon, (IBS) improves diabetes, extends lifespan, makes you calmer, happier, more in control and lifts depression and anxiety…

Learning to live your life with a positive attitude achieves many different physical and mental improvements. Not only does it protect you from illness (everything from raised blood pressure to cancer) it makes you happier generally.

Here are a few ways to help you achieve a better quality of life:

  • Do a random act of kindness whenever you get the opportunity (at least every day). The more you give, the happier you become – smile at a stranger, open a door, give compliments, laugh at people’s jokes, forgive etc.
  • Make an effort with communicating- ask questions and be interested in answers.
  • Be grateful, even at the smallest of things (- smile and say ‘thank you, I’m very grateful for…’)
  • Volunteer at a charity. This will give you immediate feelings of satisfaction and well being together with long term happiness. Volunteering will enhance energy levels and self-worth. Your social life may also improve as an added bonus. The impact on health has been found to improve headaches, infections such as colds & coughs and insomnia etc.
  • Treat everyone as equal, regardless of age, status etc. Suffering from discrimination can lead to coronary artery calcification and raised blood pressure. It also creates feelings of guilt in the discriminator.
  • Be in the ‘here and now’ by practising mindfulness or meditation.
  • Be compassionate towards people and they will trust you more.
  • We mirror other people, so by being kind, smiley and positive- we get it back too!


When we perform an act of kindness, we produce a neuropeptide called oxytocin (also called the cuddle or love hormone). Levels of oxytocin rise when we have sex, fall in love, give birth, breast feed or connect positively with others. It is also released when we stroke or play with a pet (particularly when there is eye contact).

The result of raised oxytocin is that our barriers go down and we trust more. This in turn makes others trust us.

Trusting others brings down our anxiety, fear and depression so enabling us to think clearer and make better decisions.

Oxytocin also helps us to read people’s emotions and interact better with them. We show generosity and compassion more readily.

Other ways to raise oxytocin are also achieved by supporting a loved one, giving a warm touch or hug, have a massage, be inspired by nature, art or music, look after a plant.

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