Spring Clean Your Body The Fast Way and Feel Great for 2012!

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 By Sally Beare, dip BCNH, CNHC

It’s that time of year, when we may have overindulged a little during the festive period, it’s cold and rainy so we’ve been stuck indoors, and many of us are feeling a little bit… lacklustre.

One quick and effective way of getting the shine back is to have a spring clean. I don’t mean the backs of the kitchen drawers and behind the sofa – I mean an internal spring clean. Our bodies, just like our houses, gather detritus which stops us from functioning at our best and can lead to illness.

Fasting is a natural process which animals undertake when they are sick. Children, too, will often avoid food when they are ill. Many of us adults are sick, in a low-level way, because we have had many years or decades in which to accumulate minor problems around the body, thanks to our less-than-perfect diets and lifestyles. Fasting and juice cleansing can be incredibly effective ways to enable the body to heal itself of illness and slow down the aging process.

When we eat food, it takes up a large proportion of our energy to digest it (notice how sleepy you feel after a huge meal). When we stop eating for a period, that energy is freed up and resources are diverted to healing areas of the body which need it. Old diseased cells are gobbled up by macrophages and fat cells are burned as fuel. Toxic matter is disposed of, and our cells, tissues and organs have new life breathed into them.

When juice cleansing, you will feel hungry for the first day or two, but after that your body adjusts to the new conditions and stops wanting food. You may find reading recipe books or cooking meals for the rest of the family particularly interesting, and you may fantasise about certain foods, but you should surprise yourself by not wanting to actually eat. It is only after you start eating solid food again that the desire to eat returns.

When doing a cleanse, you may feel tired and headachy for the first two days but after that you will start to feel better and better each day. By the end of the cleanse, you will be amazed by how much energy you have despite not eating.

During the next few months we will be running two types of cleanse at the clinic – a five-day colon cleanse and a three-day juice cleanse. Note that neither of these methods is strictly a fast, in which only water is drunk; a cleanse is a gentler method and, whilst you may wish to choose a quiet week in which to do your cleanse, you should also be able to continue with your normal daily routine. We are offering the following two types of cleanse at The Natural Health Clinic, Bristol, to choose from:

The Colon Cleanse

For this cleanse, you will drink a specialised formulation of apple pectin, psyllium husk and bentonite clay mixed with apple juice every four hours for five days. This gentle but strong formulation bulks out inside the colon and attaches to and removes old rubbery mucoid plaque and other old toxic detritus – you’ll be amazed by what comes out. A formulation of herbal digestive enzymes is also taken during this cleanse so as to make sure things ‘keep moving’.

During the cleanse, I will provide daily email and telephone support. There will also be a group meeting available during the cleanse for those who wish to share their experiences and egg each other on!

An optional lymphatic drainage massage to give your immune system a boost is also available at the end of this cleanse.

The Juice Cleanse (with massage)

The juice cleanse is a three-day cleanse during which you will drink fruit and vegetable juices and broths approximately every three hours during the day with a two-day lead-up to the cleanse in which you prepare the body with careful food choices. This cleanse should help your body start to shed toxins, give your digestive organs a well-earned rest, support your liver, and give your system a chance to rejuvenate.

During the cleanse, I will provide daily email and telephone support. We will also provide you with juice, smoothie and broth recipes to use at home and recommend particular juices from Blue Juice (situated beneath the clinic).

The package includes a lymphatic drainage massage at the end of the cleanse.

All packages include a Q and A session with me about which type of cleanse might be best suited to your needs, how to prepare for the cleanse, and what to expect. Please call the clinic on 0117 9741199 to book.

Please note: If you are suffering from a serious illness, always consult your GP before booking a juice cleanse.



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