How to Detox the Natural Way After Christmas

December 28, 2011 at 10:29 am

Season's Greetings!


It’s post-Christmas: the food has been devoured, the presents opened, and that bottle you were saving for New Years has somehow disappeared! It can be easy to feel a little fragile after the festive season, so it’s a good idea to know some simple ways to help your body recover.

Luckily, our bodies have natural detox systems to help them recover after we’ve overindulged. The digestive system, the skin, and the liver all work in different ways to help detox your body from chemicals such as food toxins, alcohol, cigarette smoke and household chemicals. There are several ways to help these processes along, detailed below:

Be Kind To Your Liver

We all enjoy a drink at Christmas, but overdoing it can cause harm to our livers, which are constantly working hard to protect us. Lemon juice is rich in limonene which encourages detoxification (try it in some hot water with honey). Milk thistle is also good for protecting the liver, as well as bitter vegetables such as fennel and artichoke. These contain enzymes which stimulate the cleansing process, making it easier for your liver to deal with the harmful substances.

Keep it Balanced

Detoxing need not mean cutting out certain food groups altogether. Interestingly, dairy products can help many people to lose weight when eaten alongside plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The protein in dairy can also promote feelings of ‘fullness’ for longer, making it easier to cut down on snacks. So you won’t have to cut out dairy just because you’ve overdone it on the chocolate this Christmas!

Defend Yourself!

Digestive troubles such as stomach ache can be dealt with easily with root ginger or peppermint. Peppermint is proven to help with gut complaints, and root ginger helps your body build a natural defence against illness. Either of these can be combined with food or made into hot drinks, for an easy way to add a little more natural health to your diet.

Come and check out our Detox programme at The Natural Health Clinic, Bristol, for a helping hand! We all wish you a happy, healthy new year.


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