Hawaiian Momi-Lomi Massage for Pregnancy

July 24, 2010 at 11:41 am

by Leanna Broom Ph.D. M.N.I.M.H., M.A.M.H., M.R.C.H.M.

If only Hawaiian Momi Lomi massage had been available when I carried my two babies, over twenty years ago. I would have booked one at least once a week. The massage is so very soothing and nurturing for both mother and un-born baby. Mum to-be lays on her side with her arm, leg, tummy and head supported by a body pillow and she is sensitively covered with silky drapes and in the background soft Hawaiian music, yields itself to a perfect setting.

She gets massaged with warm oil, gently yet effectively and then onto her other side. This helps the circulation (varicose veins can be eased) the skin tone of the body can improve (stretch marks can be reduced) and relief for an aching back and aching legs.

Both hands and forearms are used in the massage, and it leaves a sense of an overall feel good feeling of mental and physical relaxation and leaves her in a peaceful space. After the massage she is allowed to lie for a time – on her left side Mums to-be need pampering, after all they are about to embark on the most exacting job of the world, becoming a Mother.

Leanna Broom is qualified in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage and in Momi–Lomi Pregnancy massage. She is a formally trained and qualified Consultant Chinese & Western Medical Herbalist and specializes in Women’s Health and Skin Problems using Western, Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs in bespoke formulas.


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