Are You Pregnant and Preparing for Labour?

June 7, 2010 at 11:39 am

by Clementine O’Shaughnessy,  Clinical Hypnotherapist (BA Hons, Dip Counselling, DHP, HPD, LHS)

If so, congratulations on the imminent birth of your baby!

Have you ever envied the ease at which animals give birth?  A cat having her kittens will find a secluded place in a dark corner. She will usually labour and birth at night when she is less likely to be disturbed.  Finding safety in privacy, she will give birth quietly and unaided.

When a woman feels safe and unobserved she will birth instinctively, just as animals do.

She experiences a more satisfying labour and is empowered by her body’s changing energy and power when she feels relaxed and in harmony with her body. In the absence of these conditions, women increasingly have medical interventions in labour.

Hypno-birthing is a natural, safe and empowering therapy. You will learn how important it is to feel positive and confident about your birth. You will feel prepared, relaxed, elated and empowered within your body.

You will learn visualising techniques and self-hypnosis; a natural, focused, day-dreaming state. This will relax you throughout labour helping you to conserve energy and speed up the birth.

Some benefits of hypno-birthing:

Often a safer and more comfortable birth, increased production of oxytocin, less need for drugs and intervention, mum less exhausted and more empowered, bonding often stronger, cervix is more relaxed and labour quicker and less painful.

Clementine O’Shaughnessy is a qualified and experienced hypno-birther. She works in three central locations in Bristol. She offers a free initial consultation. Subsequent sessions of 1 hour @ £50. Between 2-5 sessions recommended. Birth partners not only welcome, but encouraged.

For further information contact Clementine:
tel:- 0117 966 4318/  07742 170 820


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