July 24, 2009 at 9:27 am

by Clementine O’Shaughnessy, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dear Clementine,

I am 34 years old and have suffered with depression for years with no help other than antidepressant tablets which I’d like to stop taking. I feel like my depression has become a way of life and I cant remember what it felt like to be normal anymore. I realise I am constantly criticising myself, I am socially withdrawn, scared of the streets and wont meet with anyone I don’t know as I worry about what people think of me. I am bored with my job, but cannot imaging changing it as I feel I couldn’t do anything else. I would like to have a boyfriend, meet new people and live a life rather than be invisible. Why do I feel like this and is there any way out? – I’m desperate.


I really feel for you, depression effects half the population at some time in their life and it sounds like you have experienced more than your share of it. It is probably the most common psychological disorder, so you’re not alone. Often individuals turn in on themselves making matters worse. By being critical of yourself, you create low self esteem and your confidence suffers.

To add to this, today’s society is often a stressful place to live in, with families living apart, communities unsupportive, a fear of strangers, jobs being insecure and the pressure to consume more and more.

Depression often starts as a feeling of low mood and is then exacerbated by negative thinking such as your work situation or anxious feelings about what others think of you. All this results in the natural feel- good chemicals, such as serotonin being depleted as our mind perceives we are in a situation that requires us to withdraw from life. This primitive survival mechanism was useful to us in cave-man times as it allowed us to conserve our resources and energy. However, it is not useful now and there are ways to help you to see different perspectives on your life.

Research shows that Cognitive Therapies can help enormously with depression and anxiety. I will tell you how Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy can help with depression as it is considered the most effective treatment – even in severe cases. Depression also has a dramatically lower rate of relapse with hypnotherapy than with antidepressants as it teaches you how to think in a new way.

Most overly emotional behaviour exists in the subconscious part of our minds where our beliefs and patterns of behaviour reside. Often these beliefs are learnt in childhood or from more recent experiences and result in faulty thinking or programming.

Changing this programming is difficult without help as the subconscious does not understand logic. This is where hypnosis is useful as it bypasses the conscious mind and can reprogramme beliefs through suggestions made to you whilst you are in a deeply relaxed state.

The Therapy will take from between 8-12 sessions depending on how quickly things change for you. We will look at solutions to improving your life with your unique resources, with goals set by you. In Solution Focused Therapy we will concentrate on your preferred future and how you want it to be rather than the past and any problems you had.

As you start to gain control and find ways to improve your life with small changes, your feel-good chemical such as nor-adrenalin, serotonin and dopamine will be released to enable you to cope better with life. You will learn how to think more positively which will also help with an upward spiral instead of a downward one.

Sessions cost £50 and will be relaxing, motivating and future focused.

Picture-clem in garden fo marketing 001Clementine is a Clinical, Registered Hypnotherapist who works on Saturday mornings at The Natural Health Clinic. She is very happy to be contacted to discuss any aspects of the therapy.  Tel: 966 4318  /  07742 170 820


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